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Yoga, Tango & Salsa for Students of CEU

Looking for some relaxing activities after studying? Be part of our community! No partner necessary to register. Pick your course and get started! Of course bringing a friend is also ok. 😉

And best of all: We provide not only student friendly atmosphere but also student friendly pricing.

Do you want to come to more than one course? We offer flatrates that enable you to attend as many courses as you like. All details on the booking page.

Schedule March to June 2024

You couldn't make it for the beginning in March? No problem at all - join us now in May.

The following courses start in May:

Monday, 19:00-20:00   Yoga by Timi

Wednesday, 18:15-19:15   Salsa Beginner 1
Wednesday, 19:15-20:15   Salsa Beginner 2

Friday, 15:15-16:15   Feldenkrais mit Petra (in German)

The following courses you can still join:

Monday, 20:45-21:45   Tango Basics

Tuesday, 18:15-19:15   Yoga mit Denise (in German)
Tuesday, 19:30-20:30   Tango Basics
Tuesday, 20:30-21:30   Tango Intermediate

Thursday, 17:15-18:15   Yoga by Felicitas

Thursday, 19:45-20:45   Tango Intermediate

Friday, 16:30-17:30   Yoga by Denise

Prices for the whole term (14 classes):
Yoga & Pilates:   80
Euro,   Tango & Salsa:   100 Euro

Prices for start in May (8 classes):   60 Euro for Yoga,   80 Euro for Tango or Salsa

To book just click on the title.

Students of CEU receive a support from the CEU Student Union of 25 euro for the participation. Use the code 'CEU25' in the booking form to receive the reduced price. In the first lesson you have to present your student ID. (Don't use the code if you're not student of CEU)

Bonus: You want to register together with your partner or a friend who is not student of CEU? With the code 'CEU+1' they receive 10 euro reduction on their booking.


Do you have any questions? We're here to help you!

+43 699 19130757 (Helmut)

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