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We love tango and think it's something wonderful to share.

We offer tango classes for students and young people in a friendly environment as well as student friendly prices. Further we want to provide a home base for the young community.

Argentine tango is a dance whose historical roots are based on improvisation, elegance and passion. Everything starts from an embrace and a simple walk, from there this special dance is constructed and evolved. Have look at our courses in the summer term (March to June).

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New Courses

We start with 2 Tango Basics and 2 Intermediate groups in March:

TANGO BASICS Monday 20:45-21:45
TANGO BASICS Tuesday 19:30-20:30

TANGO Intermediate Tuesday 20:30-21:30

TANGO Intermediate Thursday 19:45-20:45

To register click on the title.

All classes are held at Atelier SOL, Maria-Lassnig-Straße 33.


All classes are held together by Iris, Gottfried & Helmut. Having 3 teachers ensures you'll always get enough attention and personal feedback.

If you have any questions, write us!

We're looking forward to get in contact with you.

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